HOW TO RESTRICT THE PORES - The best recipes for masks 

We can use and make a tomato-based mask that helps clean and tighten pores. They also help to remove sebum access. Dead Sea Mushrooms natural products rich in minerals. Activates the removal of excess moisture, salts and toxins. Strengthens the immune system and increases resistance to external influences by delaying the aging process.

Another advice is to make a mask suitable for oily skin. A protein mask preparing it with proteins egg and some drops of lemon juice. Apply a thin layer and leave on the face to dry. After rinse with cold water. The dilated pores are unsightly and are harmful to the skin, because in this way the skin stops breathing.  

Over time it leads to the appearance of sebaceous spines that become large and ruin the face. The oily skin makes the pores expand and in the warm season the pores expand and even perspiration.

Even a poor diet like fatty sweets leads to an expansion of pores on the face. My advice is to reduce fatty foods and simple carbohydrates. Preservatives, spices and salt. The skin must be able to breathe and therefore must be kept in a state of puffiness. 

You can help you clean your face with a nut in the morning and in the evening by massaging the nose and chin area. Even the clay has miraculous properties and helps to narrow the pores, making the skin elastic. Do not use          hot water is the number one enemy.

The white clay bleaches the skin, removes the greasy oily skin and tightens the pores. Keep the clay on your face for 20 minutes. The finely chopped orange also goes well. Apply to the skin for 15 minutes. After washing with warm water and spread a nourishing cream. A potato mask is fine too. Fry the fresh potatoes, add a little flour and blend with an egg white. The whole is then applied to the face for about 10 minutes.